It's less broken!

I previously mentioned that I was having some trouble getting this blog (which is running on publify) up on heroku. The issue was quite strange. I was able to install all of the gems and dependencies on my local box, however when I would push it to heroku it would hang while trying to download and install

Since I was in a hurry when I was first putting this up, I just removed that gem from the Gemfile, then redeployed to heroku. And it worked! Sort of. The website was up, you could read the first Hello World post (which I have since deleted), you could log into the admin page, and you could post! However soon after my first post I realized the website would crash when you attempted to edit a post! As you might have guessed, that gem I removed was actually helpful after all!

After a bit of research I discovered that the prototype legacy helper gem ports some Rails 2 features into Rails 3, where they had been removed (This is when I took a step back and thought about how far this software had come). Since Rails 3 removed this behavior, surely they must provided an alternate way to do what it used to do! (At this point I should say that I wasn't really sure what behavior was removed but that didn't matter did it?) Off to the Googles I went, and found this

Bing. Bang. Boom. Follow those instructions and now you can edit your blog pages!

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It's a blag!!

So I'm having some major trouble getting this blog up and running. It was pretty easy to get this blog to run locally, however it was quite difficult to get it going on Heroku. I'll explain more about that later (maybe). In the mean time, Yay! A blog!

I intend to put useful and interesting things here from time to time whenever I think of them or remember to put them up here. I view this as a way to talk or rant or explain something that I believe is worth while, and should be remembered. This blog is for general thoughts that I have, however it will probably lean towards engineering topics because that's what I think about all day err'day.

I'll start now!

Definitely is not a hard word to spell, it's just easy to misspell. If you remember that definitely contains the word "finite" you will never forget how to spell it. (As long as you don't forget how to spell finite)

San Francisco is in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) depending on day light savings time. If it is not DST, then SF is in PST which is UTC -08:00. If it is DST then SF is in PDT which is UTC -07:00.

Writing times in postgres is pretty simple. Just use the standard 'YYYY-MM-DD' format. For example this will return every row where `your_column` is after Halloween 2013: `SELECT * FROM your_table WHERE your_column > '2013-10-31'`

Well I hope you find that useful!

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